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Expat World-Tagum Information Network is comprised of an International Group Of Expats, Living In The Philippines. Our Goal Is To Achieve The Highest Quality Of Life, In Our New Home, As We Pool Our Talents Collectively... Ever Evolving, The "Expat World-Tagum Information Network" Hosts A wide Variety Of Contacts And Support Services to keep expats informed and provide assistance.

 C. Gilman Jones, Retired Social Worker,  author of "A Silent Power" and "To Steal a Nation"  is also an active  journalist,  publisher of  "The Gilman Jones “®” Daily" (News For Expats), and is the current Executive Director of Expat World-Tagum..
The information network, Expat World -Tagum , incorporates many connected sites and pages to include medical, club pages, embassy access information, Face Book social pages and so much more.

Expat world-Tagum Information Network is non-profit, has no membership fee and all work, throughout the network, is done by  Expat volunteers. Our Advisory Board is comprised of 10 board members, who are all expats living in the Philippines. The Advisory Board  meets once per month to insure the highest quality of service possible for our members...

If you are an expat living in the Philippines or someone considering moving/ retiring here, then Expat World - Tagum is a great connection for you;    A great way to make friends and a great way to stay abreast of current activities or laws that may impact  YOU as a member of the expat community.
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Emergency Medical Plan

Emergency Medical Plan


Very often expats  live in remote areas without emergency services. There may be no effective 911 to call or ambulances coming to the rescue.. The burden will likely fall to your wife, to your friends and to your ability to exercise good forethought and planning.


The first step in planning for a health emergency is to be  aware of the warning signs associated with your health conditions. Be sure to include your wife and immediate family in the planning stages. Saving seconds could save your life. In the Philippines you MUST plan ahead.

Be prepared for “A Medical Emergency”  by recognizing  warning signs and exercising foresight..

Have a Family Medical Emergency Plan in your house in a place where everyone can access it. 

Your emergency plan should incorporate the following suggestions:


  1. What hospital will you go to ?

  2. What doctor will you list as your physician ?

  3. How will you get there? Does anyone in the home have a license to drive?

  4. Do you need to make arrangements with a friend to transport you to the hospital?


For events like a heart attack you have a single hour to get to the hospital for care.. Plan your transportation accordingly.. Speed is of the essence.. Select a person close to your home and someone who is dependable to ask to be your emergency contact.. Have a #1 contact and #2 contact.

Your wife should know what to do for you should an emergency present itself.

  1. What meds should she give you?

  2. Know procedures to provide comfort until help arrives ie pillow, fan to help breathing, etc. Consult your Doctor for advise that applies specifically to you and or your spouse..

  3. What are your medical conditions ?  i.e.    heart condition, diabetes, thyroid, gallbladder, etc…

  4. VERY IMPORTANT      Make a list of  your medications for the  emergency room Doctor. Keep this updated as medications change.. 

  5. VERY IMPORTANT      Always have your "Expat World Medical I.D. Card" in  your  wallet  to  give  to  your  physician  at  the hospital.

  6. Have a first Aide kit in your home…Have a designated place for it so you will know where it is at all times.  Include the following in  your first-aid kit:  first-aid manual,   sterile gauze pads of different sizes.   adhesive tape.   adhesive bandages in several sizes.   elastic bandage.   a splint.   antiseptic wipes.   soap.    Also for your specific condition you may want to also include items like an emergency inhaler, emergency sublingual heart medication etc. Consult with your doctor about these special items.

  7. Know where to access all of your insurance information.

Preparation For "After Care"


  1.  Will you need extra help when the person comes home from the hospital..     Who will that be?        Do you have their contact information?

  2.  Family members abroad sometimes get very worried if regular contact is not made. Do you have a list of names and numbers to call in case of emergency?

Identify and list all family members , who live abroad and list their phone numbers .   Be  sure you have a calling card or appropriate service for emergency, International calling.. 

Share your specific information with all of your family members and include pertinent materials in your Family Medical Emergency Plan.  Designate who in your household will do certain tasks in the event of a medical emergency.

In a state of emergency it is difficult for many to think clearly. With a simple Emergency Plan no one has to think or remember anything;  like who to call or where phone numbers are.  

 Just pick up the sheet and make your phone calls . No one has to think or remember anything at the emergency room either. Just give the sheet and your medical card to the doctor and it will contain 95% of all information needed..

Always be safe and be a good planner.

C. Gilman Jones       Executive Director 

Monthly News Letter

Monthly News Letter

Hi Everyone,
March 2017 is almost behind us… Time flies when your having fun; all to fast at times I might add..

We have had a very productive month, all things considered.. As usual it was very busy with research, special requests, Free advertising, and news publications, just to name a few.


We would like to extend our thanks to all members who made a contribution to our Information Network whether it was through great posts or suggestions, monitoring, researching, fact finding, graphics or writing..Even the feedback that we get regarding our projects and daily services; like the Morning Newspaper, and Currency Exchange Rates, is very helpful.. so thank you all so much. This is without a doubt a collaborative, expat effort.. 

A special thanks to our Advisory Board Members who are some of the best guys on the planet and offer their collective wisdom to assist with the smooth and valuable functioning of “Expat World Tagum Information Network”. Their work reflects concern, always, for providing practical services and information for  Members & their families who live in and or are associated with the Philippines.


Our membership has grown by leaps and bounds this month. I could not begin to list all of our new friends here. It is blessing to see new members from all over the country, representing all walks of life who post and share their stories and perspectives with the rest of us. In my view this represents a healthy diversity. 

To all new members A BIG WELCOME..

If you have not yet visited our main website please browse through it at your leisure. There is a wealth of information there to include individual, information pages for 9 separate embassies. As you scroll down the front page of the website you will see categories such as “Contact us” , “Clubs and More”, Resources Center”, “For Sale Items”, and “Embassy Directory”..  http://tagumexpats.blogspot.com/   
Just click the tab of your interest. Its simple as that.  If you have questions or concerns or updates regarding information presented please contact me at  c.gilmanjones@yahoo.com or on Facebook.

Thoughts and Best Wishes

For all of our friends and members who are battling with illness or that of a loved one we extend collectively, our prayers, hopes for the best and always the best wishes.We extend condolences for those who have lost friends or loved ones; as we go forward.. let the healing begin.

Those expats who are separated from loved ones we hope for you that the distance can be resolved so that peace around this can come to your life here in the Philippines..To avail of support, during difficult times always feel free to contact us at c.gilmanjones@yahoo.com or Facebook to include Richard Worman or through Expat Abbie  expatabbie@gmail.com  ; we will assist you any way that we can either by email or by chat.

Special projects that continue to be in the development stages are:

A network database for emergency contacts for friends and members which will be used to provide support for family members who may need assistance with blood, health services, missing persons etc..Should sickness or emergencies arise we would like to use this tool to connect families to the support system that you are connected with, by virtue of being an Expat.. We will be working on the creation of this database this month. If you have any thoughts please contact me… In this same vein we are commencing research for health insurance plans that may be an alternative to PhilHealth for expats… This information will be posted as we assimilate it..  

An Expat World- Tagum Medical ID Card will be available over the coming months. Safety and Health is a priority for expats who are living in the Philippines.. It continues to be in the development stages but you may catch glimpses of it as the work progresses.For those of you who may not have visited our introductory website you may find it informative.
On this site you will find "Contact Information", a newly revised "Mission Statement" and a comprehensive and truly quite wonderful  Emergency Medical Planner for Expats and their families.  You may access this new site at :  http://expat-world-tagum.site123.me/

Have a great month…
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