Expat World-Tagum Information Network is comprised of an International Group Of Expats, Living In The Philippines. Our Goal Is To Achieve The Highest Quality Of Life, In Our New Home, As We Pool Our Talents Collectively... Ever Evolving, The "Expat World-Tagum Information Network" Hosts A wide Variety Of Contacts And Support Services to keep expats informed and provide assistance.

 C. Gilman Jones, Retired Social Worker,  author of "A Silent Power" and "To Steal a Nation"  is also an active  journalist,  publisher of  "The Gilman Jones “®” Daily" (News For Expats), and is the current Executive Director of Expat World-Tagum..
The information network, Expat World -Tagum , incorporates many connected sites and pages to include medical, club pages, embassy access information, Face Book social pages and so much more.

Expat world-Tagum Information Network is non-profit, has no membership fee and all work, throughout the network, is done by  Expat volunteers. Our Advisory Board is comprised of 10 board members, who are all expats living in the Philippines. The Advisory Board  meets once per month to insure the highest quality of service possible for our members...

If you are an expat living in the Philippines or someone considering moving/ retiring here, then Expat World - Tagum is a great connection for you;    A great way to make friends and a great way to stay abreast of current activities or laws that may impact  YOU as a member of the expat community.
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